Prime Video unveils The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power trailer at San Diego Comic-Con

A new and extended trailer for the highly anticipated Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series has been released.

The three-minute clip, based on the mythical world created by JR R Tolkien, was unveiled by Prime Video at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con during a panel moderated by TV host and LOTR super fan, Stephen Colbert.

It featured a closer look at a young Galadriel (played by Morfydd Clark in the series) in the Second Age as she grapples with a growing fear that the peace and prosperity on Middle-earth won’t last forever (and she seems to be on the money).

During the trailer, orcs – first introduced in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie trilogy – make a terrifying appearance, and fans are also introduced to the brand-new version of the fiery monster, the Balrog, who dueled with Gandalf and prompted his famous line: “You shall not pass!”

The new Ring adaptation brings to screens for the very first time the untold story of the heroic legends of the Second Age of Middle-earth’s history.

The extremely expensive television series – set thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, will explore how relative peace was shattered and greed and violence was provoked through the coveting of the Rings of Power.

It also will show fans the early story of Tolkien’s super-villain Sauron, the forger of the Rings, who threatens to cover the world in darkness.

The stakes are very high for Amazon Prime Video. According to Varietythe company purchased the rights for the series from the Tolkien estate for a staggering $US250 million ($A360 million) in late 2017, and the eight-episode first season reportedly cost $US465 million ($A671 million) to make – which likely makes it the most expensive TV series in history.

Prime Video dropped the first teaser trailer during the Super Bowl in February, offering fans their first glimpse at the hugely-anticipated series.

“Haven’t you ever wondered what else is out there?” a voice narrates over larger-than-life images during the one-minute clip.

“There’s wonders in this world beyond our wandering. I can feel it.”

The teaser trailer promises The Rings of Power will take us back to a time “before the King, before the Fellowship, before the Ring,” and declares: “a new legend must begin”.

The series is led by showrunners and executive producers JD Payne & Patrick McKay, and features a huge cast including Robert Aramayo, Owain Arthur, Kip Chapman, Morfydd Clark, Ismael Cruz Córdova, Will Fletcher, Markella Kavenagh, Sophia Nomvete, Charlie Vickers, Benjamin Walker, and Daniel Weyman.

The series will reportedly unfold in 50 hours over five seasons.

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerr airs on Prime Video on September 2.


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