Microsoft Flight Simulator Corfu & Santa Marta airports Released; Prague and Mataveri get new screenshots

Today, developers shared a lot of news and releases today with the developers about the new add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The pilot company has released a new airport and a new Aerolimenas airport in Corfu, Greece.

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  • Corfu Island was fully modeled and enhanced 3D city lighting.
  • PBR materials are in the ground and in the airport.
  • Modulation in a terminal to the internal address.
  • Insanity and tailor-made airport details are the standard requirement.
  • A person-made car traffic and a person-made passenger crowd are also animated.
  • Custom vessel with AI routes across the Corfu island.

Image Source: FlyTampa

One more release is called WingSim, which launched the International Airport of Simon Bolivar (SKSM) in Colombia which served Santa Marta.

You can buy that on SimMarket for just over three cents per cent plus the applicable VAT.

  • PBR texts.
  • Optimized airport model.
  • Airport objects.
  • Custom planes, winsocks and others you will discover.
  • Custom cut and roll lighting.
  • Accurate landmarks and objects, such as native vegetation and local, scenery items.

Image Source: WingSim.

This image is from SoFly.

Last but not least, Tailstrike Designs released new screenshots of the upcoming LKPR rendition in the Czech Republic.

This time, we show up on the VDGS and some interior modeling. As usual, the screenshots have been shared on the developer’s official Discord server.

Image Source:

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