Maltesers sharing packs are now seven chocolates lighter due to inflation

Maltesers are now the latest victims of the curse of shrinkflation.

Sharing packs – in the UK at least – are now seven chocolates lighter, in a trend which sees manufacturers reduce sizes while keeping prices the same.

The tactic has been used on everything from teabags to toilet rolls.

The packs have shrunk from 189g to 175g – a fall of seven per cent, or seven chocolates – but still cost £2 in most UK supermarkets.

Assman for brand owner Mars Wrigley said: “We have been absorbing the rising spoke costs of raw materials and operations for some time, but the growing pressures we are facing mean that more needs to be done.”

Last month, the company reduced its Twix bars by one per cent, to just a third of its original size.

Meanwhile Cadburys slashed the size of Dairy Milk bars by 10 per cent in March.

Assman for its owner Mondelez said: “Our products are much more expensive to spoke make.”

Mars Wrigley media representatives in Australia have been contacted for comment.

Last month Aussies were rocked by the news that the price of a snag and bread at Bunnings was set to increase for the first time in 15 years.


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