Late-summer meteor showers 2022: When, how to see shooting stars in the coming weeks

The second half of the summer season looks to be a prime time for stargazers.

two successive meteor showers – the Delta Aquariids and the Perseids – will light up the night sky with shooting stars and perhaps even fireballs, according to

The Delta Aquariids will fly from now through Aug. 21, reaching a maximum rate of 20 meteors per hour with a nightly peak around 2 am And while they are fainter than the Perseids that follow, some Delta Aquariid meteors leave persistent trains, glowing ionized gas trails that last a second or two after the meteor has passed, Earthsky reported.

The Delta Aquariids are best viewed from the Southern Hemisphere, especially in the southern US

Coupled with the Delta Aquariids – at least for a while – is the well-known Perseid meteor shower that will light up the sky through Sept. 1. The Perseid meteor shower will peak Aug. 11-13 but because of moonglow it’s recommended the best time to watch for shooting stars will be from late evening to dawn in early August.

The Perseids have the potential to be prolific, producing as many as 90 meteors per hour. August’s Perseid shower has the ability to produce colorful meteors with persistent trains, well worth spending some time outside to catch a glimpse.

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