Intel apologizes to scavenger hunt winners for delays and reveals prizes

In context: In January, the months-long and platform-spanning Intel Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt reached its exciting end. Intel said that the prizes would be new Arc Alchemist GPUs but because they haven’t been launched yet due to apparent delays, the winners have been left waiting.

Intel sent out an email to the winners of the hunt last week. VideoCardz was able to get a look at it and screenshotted the following passage.

This has been a long road for all of you. While there have been delays with the eventual launch of the Intel Arc graphics for desktop, we want to be clear that this launch is getting closer.

Intel has started the ramp towards the full desktop launch, which you can see in recent content posted to our new Intel Arc News site tech press interviews with Ryan Shout and Tom Peterson, and a surprise reveal of the Intel Arc Gaming Truck.

All of us are very excited to finally deliver on the Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt prizes this summer as the product is starting to come together. Below are photos of the Intel Arc A750 Graphics Card arriving at Intel offices with packaging ready for final testing before sampling with the press.

Intel is giving themselves a deadline to deliver the prizes and presumably launch the GPUs they contain: the end of summer. It sounds like the company is trying to get the GPUs onto store shelves within the next few weeks and into reviewers’ hands even sooner, which is something to look forward to.

Intel goes on to reveal the GPUs won as prizes. The 100 highest-scoring players earned themselves the grand prize of an A770, and the next 200 players earned the first-place prize of an A750. All the winners also get some merch.

Surprisingly, the email also contains a new tidbit about the GPUs: the A770 has 16 GB of memory and the A750 has 8 GB. You shouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been paying attention, but this is the first time Intel has actually shared those numbers.

Masthead credit: Linus Tech Tips

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