Community Review: Stray

This week on Community Review: Stray.

Oh hell yeah, it’s time to talk about the cat game.

Stray launched last week to a wave of praise from critics and players alike. In particular, praise was lavished upon the game’s visuals, the attention to detail in its feline hero, and its short-and-sweet play time. It launched on both Steam and PlayStation platforms last week, helped along by its inclusion in the revised PlayStation Plus library. Yes, if you wanted to play Stray but didn’t have the cash, but do have an active sub to PlayStation Plus Extra or higher, you can download the game and play it right now.

Over on Metacritic, Stray currently holds a Critics score of 84, based on 85 reviews, putting it in the Generally Favorable category. Its User score is an 8.8, putting in roughly the same territory. Consensus? On Metacritic?? It’s a new day.

Among the Australian outlets that covered the game, Press Start Australia and Well Played were both effusive in their praise, both awarding the game a 9. Player 2’s Paul James gave it a B+. Kosta Andreadis over at AusGamers and Steve Wright at Stevivor both gave it an 8. So, overall, a lot of love for the little cat game that could.

Ari Notice from Kotaku US also reviewed the game, his views falling in line with both Kosta and Steve’s: a solid little game that knows what it wants to do and executes that vision to the letter. It doesn’t make you feel like a genius, but it doesn’t make you bash your head against the wall to solve its puzzles either.

I confess, I was in the midst of my own Stray review but didn’t get it completed in time for embargo. The day-to-day of the site being what it is, I haven’t found a moment to finish writing it. The window for traffic on that review has sort of passed now, so I may run that this weekend if you’re keen for the (very late) Kotaku Australia take.

Over on the User reviews side, the breakdown was overwhelmingly positive. From 880 user reviews (at the time of writing), a whopping 767 of them are positive. 57 reviews are mixed, and 56 are negative. The broad sentiment among the positive user reviews was that the game keeps things short and sweet, doesn’t waste the player’s time, and by putting the player in control of a cat, presents a very different and interesting perspective for play.

So that’s the internet’s opinion on Stray. Now I want to hear yours. Have you played? Stray yet? Did you love it? Do you hate it? Feel some kind of way about it? If you haven’t played it, are you keen to get into it? If not, why not? Leave your reviews in the comments down below.

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